Is this a photo of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez standing by the legs?

Trolls on the Internet have produced a number of baseless memes and rumors attacking the UK's first representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, since she became the youngest woman elected to Congress. In February 2019, we came across another photo showing a young Ocasio-Cortez held by her legs by an unidentified man:

This is not an authentic photo of the congressman: his face was simply placed numerically on the body of another woman.

Although the image has been widely shared on social media, it does not seem to be tied to a central claim regarding the Ocasio-Cortez representative. Those who shared this image online seem rather to insinuate that the behavior shown by the person in this photo – which is not really Ocasio-Cortez – makes Ocasio-Cortez in a way unskilled for his current job.

Facebook user Beth Wallace, for example, shared this photo with the following:

You do not like to pay too much attention to the representative Ocasio-Cortez but it deserves to be seen (Moreover, #MSM seems to bury this one)

I wonder what little Miss Socialist Cherie was thinking here … was not the Green New Deal, but maybe how to make it's way to the top like #Kamala Harris ??

This is not one of the best moments of the NY D14 AOC, that's for sure.

#Image of the day

Again, this is not a true picture of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The original photograph dates from at least 2008 and most likely shows a young woman named Amanda Wenk.

Here is a comparison of the original photo (left) and the falsified image (right):

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