Is this Lamborghini Huracan inspired by Fast and Furious 6 Cool or Revolting?

Meet Lamborghini Huracan, the most obnoxious in the world: Alex Choi's Unicorn V3. An exotic model deliberately vexed, designed to spark controversy in the world of automobiles, from where the lights, an exoskeleton and a dark pink color palette.

You may remember the creator Alex Choi and his Huracan since that time when he almost killed a motorcyclist after slipping on a mountain pass. The social media influencer has built up many followers on his social networks for his altered alien cars and his outrageous taste for customizing banana decals vehicles, which he has absolutely pursued with this new version.

The Huracan was inspired by the reversing car of the film Fast and Furious 6; as you can probably imagine, that means it's going to look absolutely wild. And that's the case, but in a good way.

A pink exoskeleton (Choi calls them "monkey bars") accentuates the shape of the Huracan and completely removes much of the body panels around the car. In addition, 42 different lights are mounted on the car at various locations, including a variety of flush-mount strobes and four round B-inspired lights located at the front of the car. He also boldly asserted that the designers of the Huracan were "nerds" and explained that they should have turned the taillights back to the serial car, which he did exactly.

Choi reused the wheels from his previous build, a unique set made by Brixton Forged (notice the hat he's wearing with the company's mark), although colored black.

The compressor that was part of the Huracan was removed in favor of a new twin-turbo kit with custom piping. A custom set of air-to-air aftercoolers were manufactured to sit in place of the rear arches, with massive air filters exposed to the elements.

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