Is upgrading to 5G a problem for wireless companies?


If you wait for the next generation of wireless service, you may wait longer than you expect. A number of major mobile operators are facing a 5G nightmare as they attempt to switch to the next generation of wireless services. This week, T-Mobile has joined their ranks.

There has been much talk of 5-G wireless service throughout the industry and experts say we are about to make it a reality for consumers of an ocean to the other. But we are not there yet and the mobile operator T-Mobile has become the last this week to say that the wait would be a little longer for their customers. T-Mobile was hoping to unveil the country's first giant 5G network at this week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​but the company was quick to announce that the launch of its network had been postponed for at least the second half of the year. ;year.

The 5-G wireless technology was the focus of CMM's focus this year, with at least half a dozen handset manufacturers who said they would have a phone ready for the new system without this year. The problem is that most of these phones are not compatible with most major operators' 5-G networks. T-Mobile explains that the lack of handsets capable of connecting to the low-frequency spectrum of the company is causing their delay.

This is important because the frequency spectrum often dictates the degree of accessibility of the network. High frequency networks require a greater number of cell and tower sites because radio waves do not go as far as low frequency signals that T-Mobile – and other operators – expect to see. use for their 5-G networks. This means that if handsets can not access low frequencies, they can not access 5-G networks.

For now, T-Mobile still expects a large deployment in the second half of 2019, but other wireless service providers are focusing on large population centers, creating a network that will most likely find a home. in dense urban areas.

Of the major operators, only AT & T has launched 5-G as a beta test in some areas, although Verizon offers a "home 5-G" option for Internet services in some markets.

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