Islanders play their first playoff game at the Coliseum


The islanders have obtained a concession.

The team announced on Friday night that if the first-place team qualified for the playoffs, the first-round home games would be played at the Coliseum, their former home on Long Island, where they will play 21 games in the regular season. If the team advances further in the playoffs, the rest of the home games will be played at Barclays Center, Brooklyn's ill-fated home for the team in the previous three seasons leading up to it.

As The Post pointed out a few weeks ago, the decision was ultimately made by Gary Bettman, with the commissioner having the last word. But the club has obviously lobbied to organize their matches at the Colosseum, with a smaller capacity but much more fervent. And surprisingly, the league has at least partially agreed to sacrifice money in the first round to create a better atmosphere.

The decision was made "after consultation with Governor Andrew Cuomo's office," according to the team's release. He also noted that the change of venue in the middle of post-season would be due to the fact that "the Nassau Coliseum is not qualified as a major NHL league facility".

It was an interesting note, since the league had already stated that the facilities were sufficient to organize the first round matches.

But this decision certainly made players and coaches happy.

After the first game of the season at the Coliseum on December 1, freshman, Barry Trotz, said the atmosphere was worth "10 to 12 points" during the season. That may be what drives him, but it's certainly a much bigger advantage than Barclays echo-chamber.

It also makes it much more convenient for players, all of whom live on Long Island, where their practice center is located and where they have morning skates.

The division of the two sites has worked very well so far, as the Islanders have surprised many people by placing first in the metropolitan division at the end of the season. Before the championship Friday night, and against the Oilers on Saturday night in Brooklyn, the Icelanders held a three-point lead over the Capitals, second place, and seven points of the Penguins, in the match. second wild card spot.


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