It can turn into a giant cat, tear you with his saw and drink your blood to please you. Kotal Kahn Mortal Kombat 11 outage

Perhaps the most brutal fighter to date

We have a brand new Kombat Kast today and the developers of Mortal Kombat 11 have shown none other than the prevailing Outworld Emperor, Kotal Kahn.

Steve "16bit" Brownback introduced the character by highlighting and discussing a range of different techniques while articulating the overall playing style and approach of Kahn. Pretty similar to his game plan in MKX, Kahn is both a wrestler and a fighter, and feels like a main character with his exceptionally powerful norms and massive stature. Continue for more.

Kotal Kahn seems to be the best in the mid-range since his long limbs give him a rather stellar reach. Although it is not so fast, it certainly hits very hard and seems to need less successful openings than most other players in the MK11 team so far.

On paper, this character is very scary because he has a wide range of tools that help him mainly in the offensive. He also claims a counterattack technique for his opponents who are getting a little overzealous, but he seems to be at his best since the mid-range and up close.

One thing is certain: he is one of the most brutal fighters we have seen because many of his attacks leave us even more uncomfortable than usual (which says a lot about MK11).

We will begin with the fatality of Mr. Kahn, in which he invokes an ancient stone totem that he uses to kill his opponent. As usual in Mortal Kombat 11, the victim is probably dead even before the final blow, but it is important to send this message to the player facing you:

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In his very first game, Kahn's team used his abilities to attack normally mid-distance. Its size means its limbs are long and reach far enough, and it is able to turn great damage into just a few touches:

He found some of his old movements, some with slight adjustments. Here is Kotal's counter, healing the sunbeam and discus:

Here are his special offers with a sawing sword and a devastating ground pound:

Depending on the customizations you choose, Kotal Kahn has access to four different totems. When he places them, he gets special improvements regarding damage, stamina, health and another trait that the team has not tackled. It can stack up to three totems at a time, mixing them and associating them for various effects:

Another variant of Steve gave Kahn the opportunity to turn into a jungle cat during jump attacks. He can just hit, jump and chomp, and even has a jumping roller attack. We also see a solar reflector moving here for anti-tunes and combo purposes:

In the last customary variant, we see Kotal's command in which he stabs his enemies, lifts them over his head, drinks blood on the wound and then gains a bonus of damage for a short time:

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