It turns out that the Emperor was laughing at the rise of Skywalker Trailer was old


Last week, fans finally got the first trailer of Wars of the stars: Episode IX at the celebration of Star Wars in Chicago, and have been informed of some exciting news – the return of Emperor Palpatine to the franchise. At the end of the teaser of the last film of the saga of more than 40 years, titled the Skywalker climb, an iconic maniacal laugh flooded the floor of the convention hall. Shortly thereafter, Darth Sidious himself, Ian McDiarmid, spoke up to confirm his involvement and say "roll it again" to the raging fans of the event and looking at home.

But apparently, the great return of Emperor Palpatine to Star wars He did not make an exclusive contribution to bringing the new trailer (and the movie?) To life. Look at what Ian McDiarmid said recently:

I do not know about you, but this information interests me. If Palpatine is in the movie, why would they dig up an old gang of laughter from the voice of the actor drawn from George Lucas's movies? Was the inclusion of the moment simply intended to inject that nostalgia into our veins – wait, Ian McDiarmid will he even go to the rendezvous? Skywalker climb at all?

Once I think about it a little more, I guess: yes, Emperor Palpatine will be back. (How can he not reveal it after this trailer?) But perhaps the inclusion of this specific laugh was just a way to get fans to identify the character's return. Recycled laughter could still be part of the movie, or maybe Palpatine is not as big in the future Star wars slice. In fact, we do not even know if he will actually be alive or not in the film.

James Dyer, writer at Empire Magazine, who worked for SWCC, Twitter apparently confirm that Ian McDiarmid was physically on the set of Skywalker climb. He confirmed the return via an interview with the director J.J. Abrams, by this post:

During Ian McDiarmid's interview at Star Wars Celebration Chicago, the actor explained why he particularly loved the trailer he had learned to reveal:

Of course, Ian McDiarmid can not say anything about his role in the trailer and the movie and must play a little silly during an interview like this. He may be repeating that the heroes of the new movie might be facing Palpatine and of course The Dark Side. Since Snoke was killed in The last Jediand Kylo Ren struggles with his place as a hero with a redemption story or the main villain of the new trilogy. It is therefore logical that the return of Palpatine takes place significantly. Although the Star wars the actor plays a villain with a quote like this:

How dare you tell us to laugh, Ian McDiarmid! Star wars is serious business and not at all for our entertainment! If you need a reminder about the villain, check out our guide containing everything you need to know about him. Start the countdown, as Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker in theaters December 20, 2019.

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