It would be very difficult for the Giants to transmit the quarter again.


The New York Giants accepted the quarterback position in the NFL draft in 2018, and spent a year answering questions about the decision despite the overwhelming success of their first-round pick, Saquon Barkley's half .

With the approach of the NFL 2019 project, the questions are closed. The Giants have once again their top 10 pick and their need for a possible heir to Eli Manning has not diminished. However, they seem to be moving away from the position again.

Dwayne Haskins or Kyler Murray of Oklahoma tend to prefer to focus on defense early in the project.

It would be a "very difficult" situation for the giants, said Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL network.

"For the Giants, if they do not take over the quarter so far, it would be interesting, you know," said Jeremiah during a conference call. "We saw that, though, with Cleveland, trying to build the team, and then get that quarter afterwards. The difference is that Cleveland did not already have a capable guy on campus at Eli Manning, so I think it's a little different from that point of view.

"It's something they should answer a lot of questions, I'll tell you that, if they escaped the top 10 without a quarter in consecutive years. The question is not that you take one, it's if you have one that you like, you might even have to go up a bit just to guarantee you have the guy you love. It's a difficult decision for them, but it would be very difficult for this organization to have two cracks and not have a quarter. "

There is no doubt that the Giants will be sharply criticized if they go back to the quarterback, but do not lose a second of time to think that the general manager, Dave Gettleman, will carry weight. If he is not in love with one of the available leads, he is not going to spend much money for them.


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