At the roots of the 500


In Stupinigi, the 500 is at home. In fact, the most beloved Italian car used here was officially presented by Fiat on October 18, 1955.

The project "457 Stupinigi by Ruzza Torino" traces its history with a series of events and on July 1 to the Palazzina A day devoted to the mythical 500 took place to the testimony was the same: Mirella Rovatti, the female face chosen in 1957 for the first historic advertising campaign of the FIAT 500, flanked [19659003] by the representatives d and the organizing committee (Omar Ruzza, Alessandro Sibille and Alfredo Morero), directors of Abarth Club Torino and Club Topolino FIAT Turin and [19659003] of the mayor of Nichelino.

The stadium "Pop Experience" to Stupinigi was dedicated to the anniversary of 4 l July, the day in 1957 the sales of FIAT Nuova were opened 500, called to replace the Mickey Mouse. Sales are becoming global, with the 500 currently on the market in all major world markets and dominating the "A" segment in European recordings, flanked by excellent results also by the FIAT Panda "cousin". Eyes on on the "Mirror", the current version of the FIAT 500, which is the most distinctive element of the on-board equipment dedicated to connectivity . The sixteenth century remains more than ever in vogue, while the "historical" became authentic " cult" collectible.

The exhibition "Cinque100, the myth of a popcar" was presented to the premises of the Royal Stables, the Diego Testolin's personal match of the Mirafiori Gallery in 2017 at the. occasion of the 60th anniversary of FIAT 500. The magazine of Roberta Di Chiara, enriched by the new painting presented to the Liconi Art Gallery and dedicated to the project 457 Stupinigi: the work was given to the hunting lodge and placed on the wall during the visit of the complex.

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