It's finally time to deregulate … pie


When President Trump was sworn in, he promised to go back on many regulations for each new regulation. Until then, he has kept his promise, lowering stifling regulations in many areas. But now, it seems that his staff at the FDA is finally ready to attack the 800-pound gorilla in the room. It's time to go back to regulation. Frozen cherry pie, to be precise. Oh, and French vinaigrette too. (Associated Press)

President Donald Trump may soon claim a great victory thanks to his movement of deregulation, officials being prepared to get rid of the decades-old rules governing frozen cherry pies.

The emails indicate that the Food and Drug Administration was planning to begin the process of revoking the standard for frozen cherry pies this week, followed by a similar revocation of the standard for French sauce. The deregulation agenda of the Trump administration planned to remove the obscure rules.

Standards for a range of foods including cottage cheese and canned peas were put in place decades ago to ensure a level of quality. They explain how products with specific names can be made, including mandatory or prohibited ingredients. The rules for frozen cherry pies stipulate that cherries must contain 25% by weight of cherries and not more than 15% of these are stained.

Of course, it sounds a little stupid on the surface. But when you look at the regulation in question, you have to ask yourself how it is found in the books. A cherry pie must consist of 25% by weight of cherries. And no more than 15% of the cherries can be "stained". This does not seem particularly disadvantageous for manufacturers and I'm sure you do not want to open a lean pie after having taken it home, but why cherry pie? There are all kinds of pies on the market and they do not have similar regulations. Why should your pumpkin pie be less than 25% pumpkin?

In fact, we already have a regulator for these products and the public. The government needs to ensure that food companies use sterile conditions and do not put harmful agents into their products, but that's about it. If someone sells cherry pies with too few cherries, people will start buying them at someone else and the miserly company will shut down. Welcome to the free market.

The same goes for French vinaigrette. Why do we have dress regulations that only apply to a specific flavor? Thousands of islands have dressed rather shady during my day.

The regulation which they envisage and which must remain in force is that which covers the milk. At present, the FDA says that milk "must come from a cow". That seems right to me. I suppose you can use the word for goat's milk (or any other animal) as long as you specify the species. But there is no "soy milk", "rice milk" or "almond milk". None of these plants are able to produce milk.

As for me, I will stay with the apple pie. And we will do it ourselves.

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