It's not even june and the dishes seem ready to give up


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The Mets were completely excluded by the Miami Marlins over the weekend, losing 2-0 on Saturday as 23-year-old starter Pablo Lopez pitched a batter and then slumped in a defeat. -0 Sunday against Sandy Alcantara, a year old, gave only two hits. Add a defeat Friday in Miami and two previous defeats against the Washington Nationals, and the Mets are on a five-game losing streak, five games under the .500 mark and six and a half games at the NL East. Being swept by the Marlins, at any time of the season, should be enough to disqualify a team from the playoff race. But even if this rule is not yet officially in force, the messy Mets implode anyway.

Robinson Cano is at the center of this gravitational collapse. The second base Mets player was removed from the Mariners, then said aloud the dead season to say, "You see! See! We are really trying this time! Even as they avoided the biggest free agents of the league. But Cano, 36, saw a huge drop in production early in the season and his 0.667 OPS makes him one of the team's worst hitters (with a semi-flashy new arrival at Wilson Ramos). Not only that, but on two different occasions during the Marlins series, Cano managed to play doubles where he barely tried to run first, or just not at all.

Friday, after the end of the seventh inning of a GIDP where the Mets were threatening, Cano said that he had not rushed because he thought that there was Meme it two outs. He blamed this misconception on the dashboard, but in reality he might need glasses.

Sunday, in a move that visibly exasperated J.D. Davis after slipping into second place, Cano did not even leave the house after signing his double game, preferring to choose to challenge the wrong ball with the referee.

"I saw the ball hit and she did not even touch the plate – she fell behind the plate," Cano said afterward. "I thought it was a fake ball."

Second-year manager Mickey Callaway, currently covered by the last two pages of the tabloid, defended his player:

"Things are going bad for Robbie right now," Callaway said of Cano's last bad look. "Come on, let's face it – the ball falls foul and turns into fair territory." He saw that the ball was at fault, and by the time he looked back, the ball had spun in fair territory and the game was done, things go like that when things go wrong. "

What is Callaway going to say? All in all, these bad games in themselves do not allow Cano to hit below the replacement level. And even if it continues to struggle, it will be impossible for the Mets to get rid of Cano before the end of its $ 120 million five-year contract. So they need him to be happy. Perhaps, as they return to New York for a big run in good weather against the Nationals, the Mets can be boosted by the public and bounce back. That's to say, uh, if there are fans who are going to be there.

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