Ivanka Trump defends her father in fiery speech at convention

Ivanka trumpIvana (Ivanka) Marie Trump Five takeaways from the GOP breaking standards convention Ivanka Trump defends her father in fiery convention speech Meghan McCain hits Ivanka Trump’s defense from President’s Twitter: This is not a “ communication style ” is “ cruelty ” MORE, the eldest daughter and senior adviser to the president, delivered a fiery speech on Thursday in support of her father’s re-election bid, simultaneously highlighting many of the issues she championed during her first term.

“Four years ago I told you I would fight alongside my father, and four years later here I am,” Ivanka Trump told hundreds of supporters gathered on the South Lawn of the White House.

The address of about 15 minutes tried to fit President TrumpDonald John Trump The Memo: Trump Seeks Optimism As Weapon Against Biden Five Takeaways From GOP Breaking Standards Convention Trump mocks Democrats in White House speech: “ We are here and they are not are not ” MORE as a man who achieved what he set out to do during his first term and portrays his blunt personality as an asset.

“Dad, people attack you for being unconventional, but I love you for being real and I respect you for your efficiency,” she said.

Ivanka Trump took to the stage to the tune of “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John. She then gave an intensely defensive speech on the president’s record on the merits of politics and attempted to soften her image, sometimes contradicting her own behavior.

She described how he takes stock of the coronavirus pandemic, although the president rarely offers such sympathy in public. She praised Trump as a consensus maker despite his refusal to meet with Democratic leaders.

Ivanka Trump has argued that her father upset Washington, DC, for the better, unsettling establishment politicians and upsetting the status quo.

But Ivanka Trump’s speech was just as much about extricating one’s role over the past four years. She recounted how the administration took charge of issues such as human trafficking, criminal justice reform and support for working women, all of which she made a priority.

“Four years ago in Cleveland, I said President Trump would do things for working women,” said Ivanka Trump.

“Four years ago, as I got you old, my dad was focused on making child care affordable and accessible,” she added.

She said she sat in the Oval Office when Trump made key decisions about trade deals and stopping travel from Europe amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But most of the applause and the most passionate talk came in favor of her father, whom she described as a “warrior in the White House.”

“Washington hasn’t changed Donald Trump,” she said. “Donald Trump changed Washington.”

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