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J.J. Watt calls on fans to buy Whataburger

The Texas-based family channel announced Friday that it was selling its majority stake in an investment company in Chicago, prompting mixed reactions from fans, or even one of the biggest names in the market. NFL.

"Ok, I say we all participated and bought Whataburger," Watt tweeted. "Make chicken and honey butter cookies available all day, add kolaches to the menu and do not change anything, especially ketchup."

Even though he was born and raised in Wisconsin, the Lone Star State is the adoptive home of Watt. And like many Texans, he likes Whataburger.

Although Watt may be sensitive to the sale of Whataburger – and not because of the chain's ketchup – another NFL superstar, quarterback Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs did not seem too unhappy with the sale.

"I'm downstairs as long as I can get one in KC," replied Mahomes to Watt's tweet.

Would the NFL star save Whataburger? We do not know yet. But Texas Governor Greg Abbott thinks he should do it.

Saturday, Abbott simply tweeted a meme with a photo of former President George W. Bush saying: "Enter J.J., we save Whataburger".

It is unclear whether Watt would accept the governor's offer.

Watt has a long history of fundraising for more serious situations.
After Hurricane Harvey devastated areas around Houston and the rest of the Gulf Coast in 2017, Watt raised more than $ 41.6 million for flood and damage victims.
Last year, he offered to pay for the funeral of 10 people killed in a shootout at Santa Fe High School. After filming Sandy Hook in 2012, Watt invited children to Sandy Elementary School. Hook to meet him and participate in a football day at the Texans Stadium.

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