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MIAMI – Jake Arrieta will need a new Phillies gray road jersey. The one he wore Friday night is hanging on the wall at his home.

The 33-year-old right-hander did a great job leading the Phillies to a 9-1 win over the Miami Marlins (see comments). He conceded one run in seven innings to win the 100th victory of his career.

The milestone clearly meant something to him.

"I tried to get it last year, but I was a bit short," Arrieta said after the match. "Realizing something like what I did tonight makes you appreciate everything you experience and how difficult it is to arrive at a place like this. Just a lot of ups and downs and find some things, forget some things, relearn them. This game is very humiliating. I will never forget that.

Arrieta had a lot of ups and downs before reuniting and winning the National League trophy with the Chicago Cubs in 2015. He signed with the Phillies last season and had a disappointing second half. He has entered the new season determined to have a good one and so far he has done it. He is 2-1 with a 2.25 ERA in three starts. He allowed only 13 hits and five earned runs in 20 innings.

Arrieta started the shutout for the first six innings on Friday night and scattered three hits before allowing two hits and a point in the seventh.

He kept some memories of the victory.

"I had a handful of baseballs and a few tickets, and I'm going to keep my jersey," he said. "I think it will be enough for tonight and to go to 200."

The modest Marlins entered the match scoring 2.62 points per game, 29th in the major leagues, and hitting a mediocre, 215. Arrieta did exactly what a pitcher is supposed to do against a weakly hitting team he attacked the catch zone. 76 of his 108 shots were strikes.

Arrieta recently made a mechanical adjustment of her change and the height was remarkable. He launched 20, including 19 for strikes, and six resulted.

"It's such a good speech for me," he said. "An adjustment I made during a session at the bullpen a few days ago shortens the path of my arms. When I dig too far behind me, it creates a lateral rotation and I try to keep it inside my body, not to allow it to pass behind me. I could do it and it allows me to put my arm in the right place and release it. If I can do that, my change will be really good. Cutter was OK tonight. It's coming. But man, when this field is locked, it's going to be a lot of fun. "

After losing two straight games against the Washington Nationals, the Phillies needed some fun. Andrew McCutchen set the tone by going aggressively from the first to the third inning. This helped trigger a five-point rally.

"He carried energy into the clubhouse today," said manager Gabe Kapler. "There is something different in its atmosphere. I think he probably figured out that he had to bear a charge and that's what he did. He knew we needed someone to bring that level of energy and he did it. "

In addition to his role in the third round of five innings, McCutchen scored a three-run homer in the eighth.

He was all smiles after the match.

"It's always nice to come back to my home country," McCutchen said. "Today, my guy, Pablo, I cut a new haircut, and I felt really good. So, I had the beauty part, well-being. I just needed to play well and I also managed to do it. Hit them all three, so it's a great day. "

The Phillies earned a 3-6 record in Miami last season and a 11-8 record against the Marlins. By contrast, divisional champion Braves defeated the Marlins 14-14 against.

The Phils know that they must continue to play well against the Marlins. They started well with 18 other a la carte meetings between the two clubs.

"That's what we did not do well last year," Arrieta said of the need to clean up the Marlins' reconstruction. "I think that's why we missed it. We did not do business against the teams we were supposed to beat. But on this same note, no one will turn around for us. These guys are also major league players. And if you have a lack of concentration or concentration, you will be beaten by anyone. We must stay on the accelerator, understand what it takes to win games against teams like this who are rebuilding, who might not have the level of experience that we have, and take advantage of it. "

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