Ja Morant and Murray State Head to NCAA Tournament


The Murray State Racers became the first team to win their ticket to Saturday's national tournament thanks to the hard work of Ja Morant, a player you may never have heard of in January. The nation's eighth-leading scorer lost 36 points, took seven boards and earned two blocks in his team's 77-65 win over Belmont to win the Ohio Valley Conference championship. A place in March Madness means that for at least one match in two weeks, a national audience will see for the first time this major sensation and its incredibly vicious dunks.

The grunt that you heard instinctively from the broadcaster after Morant's slam is exactly the feeling that everyone has the chance to see this star for the first time. After averaging only half of his points total this season in his first year, Morant has exploded on the university scene as a potential candidate who seems to be able to create baskets as he pleases. – Through his own shot (54.7% eFG) and his death (10.0 apg at the top of the country).

This dunk was not even the best thing about Morant, in my opinion. The best thing he did was when he found himself in the dying ashes of the game and tried to give himself an alley off the board to seal the match with authority. Unfortunately, he miscalculated the jump and missed the dunk. But the intention to score a useless bucket was in the air and infected his teammate who bounced the ball. Instead of holding on and running to the clock, his teammate decided to complete the statistics and score a brace. It is important to note that Murray State was up 10 at this point in the game.

If, for any reason, you are unable to face Morant and Murray State in the tournament, you will likely have a chance to catch at least the second guard a few months later on an NBA training. ESPN's editor-in-chief, Mike Schmitz, said he thought Morant "ahead of RJ Barrett as the second best hope of the project behind Zion Williamson."

Some might consider it a little exaggerated, but Morant is at least one of the top three. Even one night when the anomaly on his stats line appeared in the help column, he found a way to impress scouts who did not even feel the need to see his performance at the conference championship. His speed, court vision and scoring skills put him in areas similar to players like De'Aaron Fox or John Wall, without the hype of their blue blood. If these contests get a little closer to the truth, he will be the best chance to get out of school by far, as shown by the recent draft of the school.

But, again, if you want to avoid all this uncertainty, you can watch it in the national tournament.

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