Jacob deGrom Mets talks elbow after a long throw, may not have an MRI


The Mets seem to have some reason for optimism Jacob deGrom & # 39; s elbow.

After placing the right-hander on the 10-day list of injured on Friday and scheduled an MRI in New York on Monday, Mets manager Mickey Callaway told reporters before Saturday's game against the Cardinals that DeGrom might not have one at all. . still to be evaluated by doctors.

DeGrom even pitched Saturday at 120 feet and said that everything "felt completely normal" and thought his pain stemmed from the loss of his training after being sick since the Atlanta series.

"I think it comes down to being out of my routine – do not throw as much as I want too," DeGrom said. "I'm talking about it all the time, how much I throw and prepare between each departure, I had fever, aches, everything that was going on, everything was hurting me, I came on the day off. to launch and it was a little painful and decided to say something instead of pushing it and trying to go there today ".

Although deGrom still has visits to doctors, he explained that the reason he started on Saturday was to allow him to stick to his schedule and come back as soon as possible if all went well.

"I feel better when I start," DeGrom said. "We talked about whether we should wait until I see the doctor, we do not feel bad, so why stay two or three more days without throwing … Now I can have a paddock on Tuesday. "

DeGrom had struggled in his last two starts, failing past the fifth inning and allowing three and six points respectively. However, the current winner of the NL Cy Young Award said that he did not experience pain or elbows on these outings.

"I had an MRI when I signed the agreement and everything was fine," he said. "I do not think anything has happened to those four starts, I would have felt something on the ground, I think it's going downhill, not feeling good … Dave [Eiland] and Mickey were saying even if you did not feel this [in the elbow] we would consider skipping this [start]. "

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