Jacob Wohl permanently banished by Twitter for fake accounts


On Twitter, Jacob Wohl, a notorious supporter of Trump, was banned Tuesday from his platform, alleging that it had broken the rules of the site against the creation of false accounts.

Wohl's ban came a few hours after boasting United States today interview on his project to create fake accounts on Twitter and Facebook, which, he said, would be used to manipulate the elections of 2020.

"The account has been suspended for multiple violations of Twitter's rules, including the creation and operation of fake accounts," a Twitter spokesman told The Daily Beast.

Wohl had already created several fake accounts before his ban, according to a source close to the activities of Wohl on Twitter. Wohl said United States today that he was planning to use the accounts to help Trump in the 2020 elections, pushing Democratic primary voters to support weaker candidates that it would be easier for Trump to defeat during the general election.

Wohl did not respond to requests for comments. His Facebook and Instagram accounts are still online.

Wohl told NBC News that the fake accounts included @ Women_4_Schultz, a Twitter account posing as a women's group supporting a possible independent presidential bid for Starbucks founder Howard Schultz. The account urged Schultz to run for president and attacked Democratic presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris.

Twitter and other platforms are under pressure from Congress to clamp down on election manipulations after the interference of Russian social media in the 2016 election. Wohl's plan to divide and weaken the field Democrat even recalls some of the Russian interference, which was to strengthen the leftist candidates opposed to Hillary Clinton.

Wohl, 21, had amassed more than 180,000 subscribers on Twitter before his ban, largely thanks to his frequent and enthusiastic replies to Donald Trump's tweets.

The ban on Twitter marks the last setback for Wohl, who has forged a reputation in finance, becoming the youngest person to have been banned from futures trading.

In 2018, Wohl tried to mess with special advocate Robert Mueller while trying to recruit a woman to charge him with sexual assault. Wohl even created a fake investigative firm, "Surefire Intelligence," which was supposed to be composed of experienced intelligence actors, but which turned out only itself.

Wohl's plan against Mueller is now under FBI investigation. The scene became comical after Wohl's accuser did not show up for a catastrophic press conference. A challenger asked Wohl and his ally, Washington lobbyist Jack Burkman, if they were ready to go to jail.

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