Jaguar attacks a woman who tries to take selfie at the zoo


In an Arizona zoo, a jaguar attacked a woman who crossed a fence to take a selfie with the animal, officials said.

Metro Metro Rural Police officials said the woman in her 30s was trying to take a photo near the Wildlife World Zoo's jaguar enclosure in Maricopa County. Saturday night, when the big cat hit his arm, local agencies reported.

The video of the sequel shows the woman with a deep cut on her arm writhing on the floor and moaning in pain.

Adam Wilkerson, the man who shot the video, told AZFamily that his mother was distracting the beast with a bottle of water and that he was able to move the woman away.

Witnesses told zoo officials the woman had "crossed the fence" to get her picture.

"Please, understand why the barriers are put in place. By sending prayers to the family tonight, " the zoo tweeted.

It's the second time that the 4- to 5-year-old jaguar is attacking a person who has crossed the fence, said Mickey Ollson, director of Zoo Wildlife World, at ABC15.

Ollson said that "it was not the animal's fault" and that they would not have euthanized the wild cat.

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