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Jake Marisnick receives a two-game suspension

Astros outfielder Jake Marisnick was suspended for two games and fined an undisclosed amount as a result of the home crash that fractured Jonathan LucroyThe nose was caught and the convoy of Halos trapped, the league announced Thursday. If Marisnick does not appeal the sentence, he will serve it tonight.

"After carefully examining the game from all angles, I concluded that Jake's actions justified the discipline", MLB baseball official Joe Torre said in a statement accompanying the announcement. "Although I do not think Jake intended to hurt Jonathan, the contact he made in attempting to score was in violation of the Official Baseball Rule 6.01 (i), designed to protect receivers of this type of collision. "

The piece in question (video link) saw Marisnick attempt to score on a flyout for Kole Calhoun. Although the impact of the collision caused Lucroy to abandon the throwing of the right field, Marisnick was still excluded due to the collision. Lucroy seemed to have left a way open, although Marisnick explained on Twitter after the incident, he misjudged the situation by making a decision in a split second:

"Through my eyes, I thought the room was going to end up outside the plate," Marisnick tweeted. "I took a fraction of a second at full speed to slide the head first on the inner part of the plate. This decision hurt another player and I feel very bad. I hope the best for [Jonathan Lucroy]. "

The suspension would cost Marisnick about $ 24,000 of the $ 2,212 million salary this season (in addition to the fine). In 72 games and 194 appearances this season, Marisnick averaged .250 / .309 / .466 with eight homers, 12 doubles, one triple and six flights.

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