Jalen Hurts tightens his claim on the quarter battle in the spring

NORMAN – Jalen Hurts, who made the first try of his career in Sooner, rolled to his right and found Nick Basquine for a 33-yard gain.

Although the blue jersey No. 1 that Hurts wore did not come with the consequence of the purple one that he will put into sport at the end of August, Hurts' debut in Oklahoma The Friday night spring match was encouraging for anyone wondering how his pass ability would translate to the Lincoln Riley offense.

The Senegalese coach from Alabama, who has already become a team leader, although he arrived at Norman in January, completed 11 of his 14 passes for 174 yards, allowing the Red team to beat the white team 35-14.

Although the score was an afterthought. The crowd of more than 50,000 people came to see Hurts, who found the end zone once in the air and once with his legs.

He ran a seven game run, 70 yards in his first possession. Another highlight was his first pass in the second half, when he made a 30-yard pass to Trejan Bridges in the first year. Hurts was thrown to his right during the next game for a touchdown of a meter.

He was reserved, almost unimpressed by his performance. But despite being a multi-year starter in Alabama, a low-pressure spring match still meant something to him.

"Any opportunity I would encounter on the ground would be a big problem," said Hurts. "I like the game. I've played it all my life. They always say that as soon as you stop taking these butterflies, these feelings before a game, you should stop playing. This time, it's not going to happen soon. "

The Hurts' first quarterback competition, Redshirt freshman Tanner Mordecai, completed just 11 assists for the White Team with one touchdown and one interception.

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