Jamal Adams says he was “playing with one arm”

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Jamal Adams didn’t play at the level the Seahawks thought when they traded two first-round picks and one fourth-round pick to acquire him. Adams says his shoulder injury is one reason for this.

Adams played all the shots of the Seahawks’ Thursday night game against the Cardinals last week, but says he was playing a lot of pain.

“The quick turnaround was really tough playing with one arm, with a shoulder injury,” Adams said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times.

Adams believes he will once again play at the level of All-Pro safety the Seahawks thought they were trading for.

“But it’s getting better, and that’s the scary part,” he said. “So be careful.”

If Adams starts playing like the star he was with the Jets, it would go a long way in getting the Seahawks’ defense to play the way they need to play in the playoffs.

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