Jambret's viral video acting up to Ojol's passengers kick, activists recall driving safety


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – The action video of the assault that took place in Flyover Cempaka Putih, central viral Jakarta in social media.

One of them is uploaded by Eris Riswandi's Facebook account in the Info Jabodetabek Terkini group on Monday (3/7/2018).

The victim who was traveling ojek online (ojol) suddenly dijambet.

The offender used a red sweater and drove on a Satria FU motorcycle.

The victim who was a private employee tried to keep his belongings until he fell.

According to Eris Riswandi, the woman died on the spot.

Until this news was revealed, the message was distributed 14 thousand times.

Moreover, quoting Kompas.com, Jusri Pulubuhu, security activist and director of training at Jakarta Defensive Driving Consulting (JDDC), said that motorcyclists and passengers are likely to be victims of acts criminals.

He reminded the driver and the passenger of a motorcycle that it was not just a traffic violation that could cause an accident.

In addition, do not do things that give criminals the opportunity to act, such as using a mobile phone or putting a bag in a position that allows criminals to act.

"These are not motorcycle accidents, but third-party accidents, if the risks are not known, passengers and passengers use logic not to give rise to misdemeanors," said Jusri, quoted by Kompas.

Currently, the police are still investigating the case.

Watch the video above. (Tribun-Video.com/Vika Widiastuti)

This article was broadcasted on Kompas.com under the title "Viral Video Jambret, Remind Safety Motor Drive",




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  1. Ayo donk para netizen brkomentar kl jambret digebukin bilang kasian & skrg lbh kasian mana si korban dikala dijambret smp menyebabkan meninggalnya si korban apa si jambret dikala digebukin ketika ketangkap?

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