James Comey "confused" by Mueller's decision on obstruction


FBI leader James Comey, in distress, has trouble understanding the decision of special advocate Robert Mueller not to charge or exonerate President Trump for obstructing justice.

"What's confusing is that I do not quite understand what's going on with the obstruction," Comey told an audience at the Belk Theater in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday night, according to NBC News.

"I have great confidence in Bob Mueller, but I just can not understand from the letter why he did not decide these issues while the reason for being a special board is to ensure that politicians do not make the key decisions on charges, "added the former FBI director.

Comey oversaw the investigation on Russia before being sent back by Trump in May 2017.

In his speech on Tuesday, he not only questioned Mueller's decision to remain silent about the obstruction, but also the choice made by Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein not to to lay charges.

"The idea that obstruction cases are undermined by the lack of evidence of an underlying crime is not what I experienced in 40 years, nor the tradition of the Department of Justice" said Comey. "Crimes of obstruction matter no matter what you prove about the underlying crime."

Barr stated in his summary letter that the investigators conducting the investigation on Russia found no evidence of obstruction. He wrote that "to obtain and maintain a conviction for obstruction, the government should prove beyond reasonable doubt that a person acting with corrupt intent had obstructive behavior."

Comey did her best to stay positive about Mueller's findings Tuesday night, telling those present that he "was not hoping for a particular result."

"The advantage is that the special council was allowed to finish their work and reach a conclusion," said Comey, stressing how "very, very important for this country" is.

"The Russians have really interfered in the 2016 election with the aim of harming one candidate and helping the other," added the former. "It was not a hoax. It was a real thing. "

Comey is due to appear on NBC Nightly News on Wednesday to discuss the results of the survey in Russia. He says he has not seen Mueller's report yet.

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