James O’Keefe, of Project Veritas, drops off company stuff on Amtrak back in New York from Capitol Riot


Project Veritas got a taste of its own medicine when a Bloomberg reporter overheard founder James O’Keefe openly discussing upcoming plans aboard an Amtrak train Thursday from Washington, DC to New York. The right-wing militant organization gained fame through clandestine recordings of so-called whistleblowers, but just as often spread disinformation. O’Keefe apparently made no attempt to keep his voice low while strategizing over the phone about upcoming projects, at one point revealing his intention to FaceTime with an ABC producer he planned to “whistle” on. “.

“We have to roll up our sleeves. It has been a very quiet month for us, ”he said. He also expressed his frustration with COVID-19 infections among his employees. “It seems every time a new person gets Covid, they close the seat. What are the indications on this subject? We can’t shut down the business for a month or two. We have to work on Georgia, ”he said. “I think the message is ‘I understand but we have the right to fire people who don’t want to come in.’ We are an essential business. Although an Amtrak employee and another passenger asked O’Keefe to wear a mask, he refused to do so.

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