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James Rodriguez waiting for an "explosive" transfer before the release of Real Madrid

James Rodriguez is about to make a shock in Madrid to join Atletico, according to reports in Spain.

The Colombian international is not part of Zinedine Zidane's plans and he is ready for a final exit after the end of his two-year loan to Bayern Munich.

According to one of the Spanish daily Marca, he is preparing to launch a "bomb" in the capital to join his rivals Atletico Madrid.

Rodriguez was tipped to join Napoli, but Marca says that he has limited their interest in waiting to see if he would have the opportunity to replace Antoine Griezmann and stay in Madrid.

His wish now seems to have come true, while the 28-year-old would be about to agree to an agreement to join Diego Simeone's squad at Wanda Metropolitano.

James Rodriguez could be about to suffer a shock: Madrid will move from Real to Atletico

Rodriguez last took stock of his future at the Copa America after Colombia's 1-0 win over Paraguay.

He said: "At the moment, I am thinking of Copa America and I do not know where I will go.

"The decision depends on the club, I think there are people in the club who decide a lot and I can not do anything."

He also confirmed that he had not discussed his future with Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane, adding: "I have not spoken to Zidane."

Rodriguez has been loaned to Bayern Munich by Real Madrid in the last two seasons.

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However, now that the competition is over, it looks like his future is finally over.

He had already been tipped for a decision in the Premier League while Cristiano Ronaldo would have wanted to persuade Juventus to sign it.

But a stay in La Liga could now be envisaged while Atletico Madrid would try to rebuild itself without Griezmann and Rodriguez joining the wonderful Portuguese compatriot Joao Felix as the last great attack.

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