James Suns interim general manager James Jones buys beer for disappointed fans after Josh Jackson's parade


Photo: Tony Dejak (AP)

Several dozen normally normal human beings waited several hours in a Phoenix grocery store Wednesday night for the opportunity to meet and sign an autograph of Josh Jackson, the sophomore striker of the Suns quite commonplace. The deal, with the team, provided for fans to show up and buy a 12-pack of beer from the event's sponsor to receive two tickets for the Suns' next home game against the sad Pelélans, scheduled for Friday. evening.

Listen away from me the idea of ​​telling someone what to do with his evenings. However, let's just recognize that a game of pelicans and suns on Friday night is an extremely sinister entertainment and that Josh Jackson is very fierce and that hanging out in a grocery store to buy one or the other of these "prices" are not the best use of your time. . In hilarious fashion, there were four of these beer-ticket events, between February 9 and 27, and Jackson's scheduled rendezvous on Wednesday night was apparently the grand finale. In fact, Suns fans could speed up their meeting with Jackson by attending all three previous events. You hate to even imagine such a person walking among us.

But the truth is that there are such people and that they were apparently lined up at a Fry's Food Stores store at 6:30 am on a Wednesday night, accompanied by 12 people. Unfortunately for these poor and poor souls, Jackson apparently had something better to do and gave up the event by blocking Acting Co-CEO James Jones with a crowd of angry Suns fans:

Jones, in a conciliatory gesture, slipped a corporate card and paid for all those packages of 12 packages that, according to a Reddit thread created by a confused witness, created a rather surreal scene:

Not a basketball fan, but WTF just happened. I arrived in Fry and there was a queue outside the store and not a single parking spot. There was a breakup I guess they were late and so the suns ?? Paid for free beer for everyone … everyone takes 12 packages and goes to the cashier for "beer only". Yes free Heineken and Dos Eqis [sic]. I only received an excerpt of information at the time of departure; so I went back to get my free beer and was told that they had already closed the tab. The place looked like a house party where everyone varied around his crate of beer. Which cluster

Twitter user Foshasta Jones, who attended Wednesday night's party, told Deadspin that the assembled spectators would still receive the tickets and the autograph, although the latter is sent by mail:

Because Josh Jackson did not show up, Acting Director General James Jones came in and asked community staff to take everyone's contact information. 21 a 12 pack of beer. I even call it. It turns out that Josh went to Fogo De Chao. I can not blame this guy, I also took advantage of events to put me to sweat.

If you go to the store for a Josh Jackson autograph and go instead with free beer, you do not even get out. You went out in front! Enjoy your good fortune.

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