James Worthy criticizes the "harmful" Rajon Rondo after the defeat of the Lakers


Rajon Rondo

The Los Angeles Lakers dominated their embarrassing defeat against the New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday losing to an even worse team two days later.

The Lakers lost 110-105 against the Memphis Grizzlies Monday night, falling to 29-31 this season. Their bench was particularly putrid, led by the mediocre play of Rajon Rondo. Rondo only shot 1/6 and returned the ball three times in 16 minutes. He had a -10 with a lot of other bench players, who combined to shoot 3/14 in the game.

After the game, Lakers analyst James Worth said Rondo was "prejudicial" to his team during the match and that it did not seem like Rondo was mentally connected.

It is difficult to argue with Worthy's analysis based on the severity of the Lakers bench against Memphis. In his last five games (Lakers 1-4 in the period), has only collected 22 assists against 19 turnovers. For his career, he gets an average of three assists per shift.

The Lakers are short of time this season and they have only 22 games to improve their record in order to play in the playoffs.

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