Jamie Lynn Spears' daddy baby, Casey Aldridge, arrested for using drugs

Casey Aldridge

Jamie Lynn's Baby Daddy Busted

For prescription pills

19/02/2019 17:20 PST


Jamie Lynn Spears"Daddy baby was arrested for possession of drugs after the police said he found cold driving a vehicle.

Cops in Mississippi burst Casey Aldridge Last week, and according to the arrest report obtained by TMZ, he had several prescription pills.

Officers were answering the call of a suspicious vehicle parked along a road in Natchez, Massachusetts. Police said they discovered that Casey had fainted in the driver's seat and transported him to a local hospital.

Once he's come, he's got the bad news … you'll be arrested.

We are told that Casey had been booked for possession of oxycodone, lorazepam, Xanax and addict accessories.

Casey and Britney Spears& Younger sister has a daughter together … 10 years Maddie.

Jamie Lynn was 16 when she became pregnant in 2007, and Casey was 18. They got engaged but eventually broke their commitment.

JLS is now married at Jamie Watsonand they had a little girl Ivey Joan, last year.

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