Jamiroquai guy isn’t the Q Shaman storming the Capitol


Illustration from the article titled Rest assured, the guy from Jamiroquai is not the fuzzy Q shaman who stormed the Capitol

Photo: Samir hussein (Getty Images), Saul loeb (Getty Images)

Hi everyone, the FBI needs your help identify the rioters on the Capitol, which is quite funny since most of them broadcast the insurgency live and posted it on their Talk accounts. Among the many right-wing celebrities presenthorrible to see you, Baked alaska! –was Q Shaman, the alter ego of Jake Angeli, an actor and QAnon subscriber who has been seen at many pro-Trump rallies. In several photos and videos, Angels (and his tattoos) can be seen in the lead the crowd and posing at the top the Senate platform.

Either way, we feel the need to share this information because we don’t want the FBI knocking on the door of Jay Kay, the singer in the beloved funk outfit. Jamiroquai. As images of the riots hit social media, several users noted a resemblance between Angeli and Kay, citing the latter’s penchant for creative and elaborate pieces. headgear. Kay, appalled by that virtual madness, took to Twitter to say he was too busy being locked up in the UK to try to overthrow US democracy.

“Hi Washington, I love hairstyle, but I’m not sure that’s my crowd,” he said. via the official group account, who came up with a video in which the singer adopted a accent. “Now some of you might think you saw me in Washington last night, but I’m afraid I’m not with all these monsters,” he said.

Watch it below:

And here’s the video for “Virtual Insanity” because, damn, it’s still as good as hell.

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