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Jason Momoa built a Harley Davidson with his two children and this video is beautiful

Jason Momoa has just realized his dream of building his own bike for 30 years, a task he has done with the help of his family.

On the occasion of Father's Day, the star of "Aquaman" released a video recounting his mission to rebuild an old Harley Davidson bike from the bottom up, with the help of his elderly daughter Lola 11 years old, and his 10-year-old son Nakoa-Wolf. He shares the two children with wife Lisa Bonet.

Describing his father and husband "the greatest honor of my life" in the 8 – minute short film he posted on his YouTube page today, Momoa is talking about the "joy" that is being made. he could see when they left for their first outing together on the bike – sitting in a sidecar.

"My babies could see their father learn," he says in the video. "The joy on their faces reflected the memory, the memory of that little boy on the back of a bicycle tearing the backyard with a smile so big that he closed his eyes, see him on the faces of my children. It is this moment when the savage has entered.

Recognizing that they have "built something special" – something that he qualifies as "legacy" – Momoa is proud of this new piece of his family's story.

"We are the Momoa, we are the tramps," he says, "and at every trip, whether it's me, my daughter, my son or even a grandson I do not know yet, they will share the kilometers and the memories we create. "

Talk with PEOPLE About the video, Momoa said the Harley would be passed on to her son while her daughter would inherit her first motorcycle, which he named Mabel in her grandmother's honor.

"I hope that they will see that I am striving to realize my dreams and build new ones each time," he added, adding that he also hoped to "inspire a young generation to go out and shoot [films]. "

"I'm really happy that my wife lets me do it because in the end, it's the boss," he joked.

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