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Jason Momoa Fans Oppose Trolls That Shake Their Head During "Dad Bod" Vacation

Jason Momoa raging fanbase moved everything Wednesday night after the holiday pictures from the "Aquaman" and "Game of thrones" The star saw him getting bodyshamed for his physique, having his trendy name on Twitter because they proved that they supported him … and forward, and all the rest!

The actor, who acquired much of his recent fame for playing powerful heroes and, of course, ripped heroes, looked a little more relaxed while he was spending some time with his family a week ago in Europe for his wife Lisa Bonet & # 39; s girl Zoe Kravitz & # 39; wedding.

You can see the photo of July 2 which suddenly attracts all this attention to We weekly. When the magazine posted the story to their Facebook page, some of the comments included things like "Lmao he went from aquaman to daddy bod faster than thanos snap!" and "his environment looks a little pasty! Just say" and "someone must start lifting again …"

He has been repeatedly accused of having what is now called a "father of a father".

Of course, this is not the superhero physique that he has worn for "Aquaman", but come on! Do not people realize how long actors and actresses go to the gym and diet to refine and tone their physique for these kinds of roles? This is not a realistic body type, any more than the unrealistic bodies of women who dominate the media and advertising for decades.

And although people seem (too) slowly understand the idea that it is not acceptable to shame women, this also applies to men. Unrealistic expectations are just that, and no one should be held to these standards in their daily lives.

In addition to that, can we just look at why we are shaming Momoa? He is still in incredible shape, with almost no discernible body fat. And he is certainly in better shape than the average American. It's no better than the shame we see actresses to have dared to be more than size 0 and that it's disgusting, regardless of their gender.

It can also lead to image problems and self-confidence, eating disorders and depression. And we do not necessarily talk about Momoa, but about his fans and other young men who may admire him. They could see these comments, internalize that even this the physical is considered a kind of attractiveness failure, and grows up to hate his own body.

Jason Momoa is fine. He looks good and more importantly, he looks healthy and happy. If you do not want to hear from us, well his fans have a lot to say about it on social networks:

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