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Jason Momoa's muscular body is proof that "Dad Bods" is hot

Body-conscious dudes across America can add Jason Momoa pictures to their picture boards – now that he's the new face of "daddy bod".

The images of the shirtless star "Aquaman" on vacation have been recently shared on social media – and it looked much less chiseled than we had seen before. As a result, comments and videos "muscular" have surfaced about his new physique a little more sober.

Asked an Instagram user, "OMG, what happened to the abs?"

"Someone must start raising again," joked another person.

"Worked on his father, Belly," added another dissatisfied fan.

Despite some negative reactions, many fans came to the defense of the actor "Game of Thrones", pointing out that he probably did not spend his holidays at the gym.

"Just when you thought you saw all the nonsense of the Internet, Jason Momoa starts to feel ashamed of his body, saying that he has' papa bod ''" podcaster tweeted Carol Roth. "I'm sorry, but what do your * dads look like? !!! My God."

Roth, of course, is on the point. Of course, his six-pack has softened (though still fully visible) and his biceps are less defined, but any human with mid-eyeballs can see that Momoa is still a certifiable snack.

Compare Momoa, for example, to David Harbor, a Stranger Things actor, who recently received slightly more positive attention on "papa bod" – following the release of the third season of the series with his character of Hopper, despite the fact that He still has nothing on muscular man Momoa.

But the latest Internet assessment of Momoa's muscular construction left many men particularly timid, realizing they could never achieve their goal. his version of "papa bod."

"Jason Mamoa is starting to feel ashamed of the body on the internet today because of this photo of him on vacation because he's" fat now "and has a" daddy bod "… and officially, I'm not sure. Never take off my shirt as long as I live, " tweeted @ cultofdusty1. "Not even in the shower."

Never? Not even in the shower? If this were the case, @ cultofdusty1 would not stay a day as a woman – most of them were subjected to a thorough examination of their physical appearance since the age of puberty.

Get settled, guys. On the contrary, the pasty "papa bod" could reasonably be considered an enviable quality these days. Even if the evaluation of Momoa by those who hate her is totally unfounded, the frame cleared at it's established as a fading quality – usually indicating the kind of affable, vain and likely to make you laugh.

Take Leonardo DiCaprio, who is undoubtedly the standard bearer of this trend. He has not practiced hard abs since 2006, "The Departed", but rarely leaves the modelless home 20 years younger than its predecessor.

In a recent study, the softer physique even outclassed the abs of the washboard as being "more attractive," because of the perception that chubby men who are not afraid to undress must be very comfortable. Comfortable in their skin. And for 78% of respondents, trust is the sexiest quality.

And for Momoa, trust shows, and many women feel it.

Commented an enthusiastic "papa bod", "I think it looks better like that."

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