Jason West, co-founder of Respawn and Infinity Ward, joins Epic Games

Epic Games did a remarkable job in the form of Jason West, co-founder of Respawn and Infinity Ward.

According to Game Awards creator and journalist Geoff KeighleyEpic called on West about a month ago to help the company step up its own internal development efforts. (Update: Addressing Variety, Epic has since confirmed Keighley's original report.)

As you may recall, Epic has recently been busy opening up its own rival to Steam, called the Epic Games Store, and filling it with a variety of exclusive big names like Borderlands 3, Metro: Exodus, and Control.

It is not known if West will work on existing projects such as Fortnite, or new games that could be used to expand Epic Games Store's growing list of exclusives.

For those of you who are wondering why West left Respawn in the first place, the Call of Duty The supervisor left in 2010 to spend more time with his family and had already been fired from Activision for alleged insubordination.

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