Jassy Correia, mother of missing Boston, found dead in the trunk of the car of the suspect, according to the family


The family of a missing mother in Boston said her body was found Thursday in the car of the man accused of kidnapping her, reports CBS Boston. Jassy Correia was last seen early Sunday morning at a nightclub in Boston's theater district, where she celebrated her 23rd birthday with friends.

The Boston police said she had been seen getting into a car with a man identified as Louis Coleman III, 32, who they said had kidnapped him.

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Correia family via CBS Boston

Police broadcast a video and photos of Coleman, who lives in Providence, Rhode Island, and his car in hopes that the public can help them. Coleman was reportedly arrested Thursday afternoon, charged with fugitive, after being stopped on a Delaware highway.

Boston police confirmed at CBS Boston that a body had been found in the trunk of Coleman's car, according to the station, but they are waiting to be identified. Correia's brother told reporters that the body was Jassy Correia, reports CBS affiliate WPRI.

The woman's cousin, Katia DePina, told CBS Boston that her family was devastated.

"She was a mother, she was brave, she was strong, she did not deserve that," DePina said. "She went to celebrate her birthday and never went home."

Police raided Coleman condominium complex in Providence following the disappearance of Correia. Police captain Hugh Clements Jr., of Providence Police, said at a press conference Thursday night that the case was being treated as an investigation into a homicide.

Clements would not detail what the investigators would have discovered.

Coleman was arrested at midnight in Delaware and charged with "fugitive from another state," reports CBS Boston. He waived his right to an extradition hearing and will be taken back to Rhode Island, where he would face charges of kidnapping, refusal to report a death with the intention of concealing a crime and mutilation of a human body, reported the chain.

The Correia family has created a GoFundMe page to help the two-year-old daughter of Jassy Correia, reports CBS Boston.

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At a press conference, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh called Coleman an animal. He said the case was "a horrible tragedy for the city of Boston" and announced his intention to travel to the home of the Correia family in the Dorchester district of Boston on Friday.

"The pain we are currently feeling as a city is real as we mourn the loss of a young life that was taken too early." My heart is torn apart for the family and friends of Jassy and his young daughter. said Walsh in a tweet.

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