Jay Baruchel, star of "How to train your dragon", says that he "disappoints the fans"

Since its first theatrical release nine years ago, the How to empty your dragon The franchise has been huge for Hollywood, with a series of short films, television series and now a third and final feature that should open nationwide this week.

Many young people have grown up with the characters, but star Jay Baruchel, the Canadian comic actor who embodies Hiccup, the vikings turned hero, told BuzzFeed News that young fans of the movie often found that "no one" has ever been a fan. he was very bad at meeting him. "

"There are a lot of friends of mine who say to themselves," Oh, my kids love the Dragon movies. Here, here, they want to meet you. It's hiccups! ", He said in an interview on BuzzFeed News' morning show on Twitter AM to DM Wednesday. "And you watch them go," it's not Hiccup. "

"Terribly disappointing, terribly disappointing," he laughs. "Ten years of disappointing children in person."

Baruchel, who is also known for hot comedies That's the end, Tropic Thunder, Stunned, and Too beautiful, he said that he got himself recognized by his voice as a result of the Dragon movies.

"An old man told me in Los Angeles:" When you recognize yourself just to talk, you know you did it fucking! ", He says.

He also helps teachers whenever he can by recording messages for their students. "My friend's mother is a teacher in Nova Scotia," he said. "I was like what you want me to say and she said:" Just tell them to do what Mrs. McPherson says, so I did that and she uses it. many & # 39.

The third movie of the blockbuster franchise, How to train your dragon: the hidden world, went out into the room on Friday and Baruchel said he had not yet explained what his life would be without Hiccup.

"Since I started my first recording session, it was summer 2007, so from that moment on, I have never stopped playing it. "said Baruchel. "So, yes, I'm adapting to a life without Hiccup."

He added that he hoped that the films would leave young fans feeling that they could try to change things.

"Believing in yourself is fine, but I think these films talk about believing more than yourself," he said.

"I think you have to believe in things bigger than you, and not accept that just because things are in some way means that's how they should be."

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