JAY-Z supports Rihanna's help raising $ 50 million for the Savage X Fenty line


JAY-Z reportedly helped Rihanna raise $ 50 million for her Savage X Fenty Line.

Do you think it's possible that Rihanna could never get enough of making money? As if his nine-digit net worth was not enough to surprise us, the singer would have received the help of a billionaire to rake in even more millions.

The fashion brand of pop singer Savage X Fenty has been a successful company since its inception in 2017. The line includes seductive and sumptuous Rihanna lingerie. The Bajan pop star recently signed a deal with Amazon Prime Video, which will release an exclusive show featuring Savage X Fenty's latest looks.

It is now reported that the brand has managed to raise $ 50 million. Rihanna and the fashion line team have previously secured $ 20 million and recently earned investments from executives of several companies. This included Jay-Z's Marcy Venture Partners LLC. All accumulated funds – carry the 1, add the 0 and, in total, $ 50 million were the result in the accounting books.

Let's not forget that Rihanna was named by Forbes the richest musician in the world in June of this year. The singer's net worth is estimated at $ 600 million even though she has not released an album for more than three years. This woman is the epitome of earning money in your sleep. According to reports, it also owns 15% of the Fenty brand, which alone earns three; and by that we mean the big B – $ 3 billion.

Her line Fenty Beauty has provided her with significant income during her musical stoppage and, now that she is about to release a new reggae album, Rihanna has secured a spot on Forbes' rich list for the remaining of his days.

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