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JD Scott, brother of "Property Brothers", reveals a mysterious disease

J.D. Scott, brother of "Brothers of the property" Drew and Jonathan have just revealed that he was engaged in a private and emotional battle for over a year behind closed doors.

In a long video titled "The Truth Behind JD's Mysterious Last Year", Scott and his fiancée Annalee Belle revealed that he had walked in and out of many doctors' offices over the last 13-14 months after hospitalization in May 2018.

"You may have noticed in the past year, a little bit more, that I was producing a lot of content in the office and at home, the reason being that I was very sick," she said. he declared at the top of the video. From the event that left him hospitalized, he said that "it was so serious that I thought I was dying" and that he was preparing for the worst.

"Instead of going to the hospital, he called me an email, telling me to take care of everything in case that would happen," Belle said.

A series of brain tests and MRIs were then followed. The doctors thought at one time or another that he was suffering from an autoimmune disease, lupus, a cerebral aneurysm, and then two brain aneurysms or a "new" way "that had formed in his brain.

According to his symptoms, J.D. said "extremely sensitive to heat", pointing out that temperatures above 70 degrees would give him "suddenly the feeling that [his] the skin was on fire, I started to faint and I was out of use for days. "He barely left the house and sat on a family vacation because he could not venture into places where he could not control the temperature.

Scott also felt pressure in his head, which he described as a "creepy feeling" on his skull "like tendrils on the scalp", for which he finally found a targeted drug to help him.

"Sometimes I was pretty sure I would die," he said, moved.

Eventually, he turned to a trades doctor specializing in holistic and western medicine, a doctor who noted that it was probably not something he was confronted with. .

The doctor also discovered a "fairly serious infection", for which he started taking antibiotics. Associated with a new diet – he eliminated wheat, soy, gluten and sugar – he began to feel a little better.

Although he noted that he was feeling "tremendous progress", he still has not returned to 100%. Scott also told his viewers to "keep his mind open" if we ever experienced something similar.

He then thanked Belle for being at his side because he "would not have succeeded" without her. He and his fiancee also claimed that some of their friends had made "bad comments" about his situation and had stopped monitoring him.

After the publication of his message, his brother Drew left a message in the comments.

"We love you guys, and we are so happy that you feel better, JD," he writes. "We are always here to support."

Drew's wife, Linda Phan, added, "Wuv you guys, I'm glad you're at a point where you can share what you've been through, we're all here for you."

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