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Jean-Luc Picard has a puppy now

Photo: ADRIAN DENNIS / AFP (Getty Images)

As anyone who has spent more than five picoseconds on the Internet knows, authentic sources of joy are rare. Among them, however, there are some that one can almost always count on: the dogs and the actor Patrick Stewart. (Just do not look up at the same time because you're going to break your heart with the story of Stewart and Ginger, the foster pit bull, that he was forced to forego adopting because of the damned laws of the UK on the import of the breed.Do you see what we were saying about joy?)

But if the joys of owning a dog in his personal life may have been denied to Stewart, he will still be able to live them in his day job, as a hero of space in retirement , Jean-Luc Picard. This is the first poster for CBS All Access' Picard– revealed by startrek.com today – which confirms not only the fact that the aging former admiral now has a doggo, but is making accessories:

If we are 100% honest, we must note that this particular ground beat feels more like Stewart than Picard; it's hard to imagine that the distant and reserved space captain who has spent years robbing Wesley Crusher would want another creature too enthusiastic and attentive in his environment. Yet, Unnamed Space Pooch seems to be a very good dog, and if someone manages to get him in shape, this is the guy who used to invariably hit immortal monsters.

Stewart serves as executive producer on Picard, alongside Michael Chabon (who helped develop the concept of the series) and several members of the Star Trek: Discovery production team. The series is expected to debut later this year.

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