Jedi Star Wars: Information and stories about fallen orders to know about SWC


Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment showcased their newest game, Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order, at Star Wars Celebration today and it seems like it will appeal to anyone looking to get away from the multi-player format and plunge into a story to a player. The game takes place shortly after the events of The revenge of the Sith and focuses on a young Padawan who has managed to survive Order 66, an order that marks all the jedi traitors of the Galactic Republic and that must be executed by clone soldiers of the Great Army of the Republic. Electronic Arts had difficulties with the Star wars franchise recently for a variety of reasons, but at this point, it seems Fallen Order has a chance to bring society back into the good graces of the fandom.

Jedi: Fallen Order is no Star Wars: Battlefront. There is no multiplayer and no micro-transactions; It's a Jedi fantasy story game in solo, and it's a passionate work for the people of Respawn who took the floor to unveil the game. As they explained, the goal was to tell a story. Jedi story and place a lightsaber in the player's hand. It is this simple but powerful concept that has triggered everything, but developing a detailed canonical story has taken a lot of time and collaboration.


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Meet the main character, Cal Kestis played by Shameless and Gotham star Cameron Monaghan. He is the young Padawan who survived Order 66 and is now fleeing during very dark times when the empire is at the height of his power. Cal must escape the Inquisitors of the Empire, but he chooses to do so while secretly pursuing his training with his lightsaber and powers in the Force. We start our journey with Cal on the planet Bracca. After an incident that requires him to reveal his ability to handle the Force, Cal is forced to resume and try his luck.

Monaghan describes Cal as someone who has a fondness for him. He is intelligent, suspicious and has suffered a lot. Despite the tragedy he has experienced, Cal is always optimistic and has a good heart. Even though Cal felt a little isolated during the Jedi: Fallen Order trailer, he'll have allies by his side throughout the story, including Cere and also a droid named BD-1.

Cere is played by Debra Wilson and has been described as a mysterious companion and former Jedi Knight. They said she would act as a mentor for Cal, but do not expect the traditional Padawan / Jedi Master relationship that we have seen before. Apparently, a "strange family" is formed in the game, a team that meets to explore the galaxy and Cere is one of them.

There is also my favorite personal revelation of the panel, the new BD-1 droid, which represents Buddy Droid 1. And that's basically what it is for Cal, a buddy! They are best friends. BD-1 is not an acolyte. They are equal in their course and learn to lean on each other. BD-1 also provides a bit of light in a story that unfolds in these dark times. The team even had the sound designer and legendary actor Ben Burtt do vocalizations of BD-1.

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Another character to watch is Second Sister, an elite inquisitor trying to hunt down Cal. Second Sister is in fact a wink at the collaboration that exists between different Star wars departments because this character has already been integrated into the Marvel Comics movie Darth Vader # 19.

She also has at her disposal a new type of Stormtrooper, the Purge Trooper. With only a limited number of inquisitors, these purification soldiers are trained to deal with the Jedi. They are the ones who are sent first to investigate, then the inquisitors are called. A large group of traditional Stormtroopers can pose a threat, but when it came to the gameplay of Jedi: Fallen Order, the developers wanted opponents capable of offering stronger individual fights, so the Purge Troopers were born.

And speaking of play, the key here for Respawn was the importance of touch and feel. They develop a "thoughtful fight"; you must measure your enemy and identify his weaknesses. They make sure that the fight is easy to control so that everyone can enter the game directly, but if you put the time, you can master the techniques.


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Monaghan also pointed to how the performance capture experience differed from his preconceived understanding of motion capture. He said the technology used to create Cal was deeper and could capture subtle changes in emotions, body and movement to provide a nuanced and detailed performance. While playing Cal in the performance suit, Monaghan said that his only limit was his own imagination.

Shortly before the end of the panel, the facilitator asked about Cal's lightsaber. The answer was an enigmatic "How do you know it's Cal's lightsaber?" the story and the game, it will grow and evolve. They nicknamed it the reflection of Cal.

You can give the Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order trailer a watch for yourself below. The game will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on November 15, 2019.

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