Jenelle Evans "wanted to hurt" Kailyn Lowry by setting fire to his peace gift

New episode of Monday Teen Mom 2 was certainly fiery, while Jenelle Evans put the peace gift of ex-friend Kailyn Lowry in flames amidst the coolness of her co-stars.

Teen Mom 2 Fans were shocked in December when Evans posted on Instagram a video showing that she was pouring gasoline and setting fire to the sample gift of her Pothead hair products by Lowry, saying in the long caption: "Do not send me gifts, so do not talk again …."

In the Monday episode, Evans finally explained his reasoning behind the extreme gesture by explaining to producer Kristen: "Instead of contacting me and sending me text messages," Hey Jenelle, I've just said it. I sent a package. I am sorry for everything that has happened in the past. can we get over it? She goes to the tabloid and she says, "Yes, I sent a packet to Jenelle – it's a rally gift for peace."

Evans explained that Lowry Convos Coffee The podcast shortly thereafter was the water drop, when her co-star suggested to her husband, David Eason, to need a "psychological assessment".

"Are you going to talk about my husband after you've sent me a rally gift for peace?" Evans asked Kristen. "Are you serious?" "She has no reason to hate David, so I was like, that's it!" David takes the essence, "we're setting fire to …"

She added that her husband, who had to face many critics for his advocacy for the use of a firearm, suggested the two shoot the products, but Evans said that they were not going to do "more gun videos", preferring fire.

"[Lowry] try to talk about all my life on every podcast that she does, "Evans explained. I wanted to hurt him. "

Unfortunately for Evans, the whole viral viral viral move seemed to have helped only Lowry, who said from the beginning that she felt the offer of peace would eventually become a "focused practice".

"I was pretty excited," she told a friend, Becky, about the video. "I had a $ 10,000 turnover today because of his job, I should make him a check."

Nevertheless, Lowry was pondering the dissolution of his friendship with Evans, for whom she had "worked hard" over the years.

"At first I really loved the best for her," she continued. "I released her on bail, I called for work one day when she was drugged; I went to Jersey and took her to the airport because she was stuck in heroin or who knows what. . "

The move was enough for Lowry not to want to film a reunion special, especially with Eason who would have influenced his wife's actions.

"It's just not a good person," she said of MTV's licensed personality.

Evans' mother, Barbara, also revealed her true feelings regarding Eason during a conversation on video production. Despite the fact that the three are going very well on the screen, Babs said, she did not think the relationship was healthy.

"If it's her husband and that's what she chose and it's the only way for me to talk to her, so be it," Barbara said. "But Jenelle is the kind of girl, she must have a man in her life and that's how it is. I finished crying tears. Jenelle knows I'm here for her. "

Teen Mom 2 Mondays at 9 pm ET on MTV.

Photo credit: Instagram / Jenelle Evans

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