Jennifer Lopez says she’s not lying about Botox

“I don’t have to lie about things.”

There’s a reason Jennifer Lopez named her pioneering celebrity scent Glow: Her skin has always looked amazing, and at 51 it’s truer than ever.

But some fans called J.Lo, saying she wasn’t completely honest about her flawless complexion. They think she’s lying about the fact that she’s never had Botox or plastic surgery – and she’s done with it!

“Please don’t call me a liar. I don’t have to lie about things,” J.Lo said, while claiming she hadn’t had Botox, in an interview with People. “I’ve been pretty honest about my whole life … I’m telling you what I do that works!”

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For years, she attributed everything else to her glowing skin, such as sleeping a lot, wearing sunscreen, eating a diet high in green vegetables, avoiding smoking, drinking alcohol and caffeine, practicing meditation. and affirmations and, of course, drink plenty of water.

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She said In the style in 2016: “Tip number one is to always get enough sleep. I cannot stress this enough. Ideally, I would love to sleep between nine or ten, but anyway, I always make sure I have at least eight. I also think beauty comes from within – you have to keep your mind, soul, body, and spirit in sync. I strongly believe in meditation and when you are happy and feel joy and love you radiate beauty. “

While she might not participate in Botox herself, J.Lo doesn’t hate those who do.

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“I’m not judging anyone. If you want to do Botox and injectables that’s fine! But I don’t want people to lie to me about me and say, ‘Oh, she’s trying to make it look like this thing works.’ “she told people.

“One of my big beauty secrets is that I try to be kind to other people and raise other women. I think it’s important for us to do for each other instead of trying to tear people down. “

It all depends on these good vibrations.

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