Jerome Corsi said he has entered into a defense agreement with Trump's lawyers and an immunity agreement with Mueller.

Jerome Corsi at a press conference in Washington, DC

Jérôme Corsi, co-author of Inapt to order, speaking at a press conference at the National Press Club in 2004 in Washington, D.C.

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Roger Stone buddy, propagator of Birther, swiftboater, and doctor of Harvard. Jérôme Corsi had a busy week. After declaring Monday that he would reject a plea agreement that would imply admission to perjury because "I will not sign a lie," Corsi also said that he had entered into a defense agreement with President Trump.

The new claims come from a book written by Corsi and obtained by the Daily Caller, the conservative site. Corsi asserts in his book that the Mueller group granted him a "limited immunity" in order to freely speak about a "cover story" that he claims to have made for Trump's confidant, Roger Stone. "

Federal prosecutors have suspected Corsi to be a link between Roger Stone and Wikileaks, CNN reported.

Corsi said the cover was specifically designed to reflect Roger Stone's now-infamous tweet that it would soon be the "time spent by the barrel" of Democratic Agent John Podesta, published shortly before the publication of pirated emails from Podesta.

The Daily Caller reports that Corsi told Mueller's team that "he and Stone have developed a plan in which Corsi would write a memo about [John Podesta and his brother Tony] allow Stone to quote it as the basis of his tweet. "If true, it would contradict Stone's testimony that his tweet about John Podesta was inspired by" a search for opposition on the commercial activities of the Podesta brothers ".

But there are reasons to doubt Corsi's new statements, including his agreement with the president and his legal team. According to the Daily Caller, the book says "that his joint defense agreement with Trump's legal team was destined to be kept out of public view" and that one of the president's lawyers, Jay Sekulow, " suggested that the agreement could be verbal in nature and did not need to be written down. "

The Common Defense Agreements allow lawyers from different investigative matters to communicate with each other under the privilege of professional secrecy. Trump and Paul Manafort have such an agreement. Rudy Giuliani, Trump's attorney, said his team and Manafort's lawyers had had "open communication" and that the communication "would be a solicitor-client privilege, not only from our point of view, but also of theirs ". Corsi writes in his book that his agreement with Trump allowed their lawyers to share information about Mueller's interrogations. Corsi said that he used this arrangement to warn Trump of "NOT giving verbal testimony in person to Mueller under any circumstances", fearing a "trap of perjury".

Regarding Corsi's claim that Stone hired him to make a paper trail to explain Podesta's potentially incriminating tweet, Corsi apparently has no documentation. "I do not remember exactly this phone call," Corsi wrote in the book, "but after what happened next, I reconstructed that in this phone call, Stone I had said that he was warming up his tweet and that he needed a cover. "

Stone told CNN on Monday "I have never been warned in advance of anyone that the emails from Podesta had been" nicked ", as the British would say, and would be published."

Corsi's argument is that he helped Stone hide a bad tweet, but there was no crime. "So what will happen if Roger Stone uses my cover story to testify before the House Intelligence Committee. Roger could change this testimony and Congress rarely prosecutes anyone for criminal charges of perjury, "he wrote in the book, according to the Daily Caller. "Without the bond with Assange, there would be no" Russian collusion "that could be pinned on Roger Stone."

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