Jerry Seinfeld sues a car dealership for a $ 1.5 million counterfeit Porsche



Jerry Seinfeld does not want to be involved in a lawsuit in which he would be accused of selling a counterfeit Porsche Carrera Speedster of 1958 for $ 1.54 million. The comedian, who had previously asked for proof of the buyer's claim, is now suing the California dealer who sold him the classic car that would have been made in "Auratium Green", page 6. Seinfeld, which was based on a certificate of authenticity from the dealer when he bought the car for $ 1.2 million in 2013, "has no responsibility in this case, but he wants to act appropriately, and so has engaged this action in order to hold European Collectibles accountable, "his lawyer said Monday, by the AP. The lawsuit notes that this is not the first time that European Collectibles is accused of selling a non-genuine Porsche. Seinfeld "does not need to supplement its income by building and selling counterfeit sports cars," the text adds. (Read more stories from Jerry Seinfeld.)

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