Cincinnati Reds manager David Bell talks about the MLB suspensions of Yasiel Puig and Chris Archer.
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MONTERREY, Mexico – When St. Louis Cardinals coach Adam Wainwright led a draw in the sixth inning Saturday, the players did not talk much. Derek Dietrich said some of them may have changed their seat in the dugout, hoping to change their luck.

Whatever they do, it worked.

Jesse Winker ended the offer unsuccessfully by scoring a solo run in the sixth inning and Dietrich eliminated Wainwright from the match with another run in seventh. The two starters ignited the Reds' offense in a 5-2 win to open the two games of the Mexican series this weekend at the Estadio de Béisbol Monterrey.

"Winker broke the ice and managed a huge home run," said Reds coach David Bell. "It has moved the game a bit."

The left-field player Cincinnati Reds, Jesse Winker (33), is congratulated by the right-field player Yasiel Puig (66) after hitting a circuit during the sixth round of the Estadio de Beisbol Monterrey. (Photo: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports)

Wainwright was in complete control until he faced Winker for the third time. He retired 16 of his first 18 batters, making two walks. Winker said his goal was just to cover the plate, making sure he put something in play.

Winker lifted a ball over the left field wall, looking toward his team's canoe as he bypassed the first goal. "Let's go, I have to go left," he said, starting with high-flying teammates, who has dominated in three of the last four games, all in a field opposite to the left field.

"I think our attack says a lot about the fact that we have not hit for 5 1/3 innings and we've been shot there and we've won," Winker said after his fourth consecutive victory. club. "There is no abandonment here. We have just participated. "

Facing Wainwright in the seventh inning, Dietrich threw a fast ball over the right ground wall, pumping his right arm once he saw the ball land. Defender David Hernandez caught running in the bullpen and raised his arms above his head after being caught.

Dietrich added a hat-trick in two outings and two innings that allowed Joey Votto and Scott Schebler to take a 5-1 lead in front of 8,888 right-wing contenders, José Martinez.

"We knew the wind was going to reverse," Dietrich said. "You never plan to be touched, so we knew that good things were going to happen."

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The Reds starter, Tanner Roark, said he had had to fight his way through the Cardinals training, observing them fouling difficult shots, but it was the best he had felt since the spring training. He awarded one point on six hits in 5 1/3 of the inning.

The first run set the tone for Roark. Matt Carpenter, in the first game of the game, got a triple when a pop-up was lost in the sun. Roark failed Carpenter in third with one setback and two flyouts.

"He knows how to launch," said Bell de Roark. "He likes to throw and he's competing. It's really obvious and he loves to be there and even when it's not easy, he finds a way to get the guys out. He did a great job today. "

The Cardinals were 1-on-12 with the riders in the scoring position and they blocked a runner at third base in four separate innings. Wainwright provided the only clutch point touched in the second run, sliding an RBI single between the short stop and third base.

Reds reliever Amir Garrett replaced Roark in the sixth inning and made his way by hitting a batter and making an intentional move to face Wainwright with loaded bases. He hit Wainwright on a slider.

In the ninth inning, Raisel Iglesias blocked the runners at the corners to win his second save of the season. There was a fireworks that then lit up the sky. The fans stayed at the stadium more than 45 minutes later to continue to party.

"Our team is unpredictable, man," Garrett said. "I think we're also good, Wainwright launched a hell game today, now we think:" Okay, that can not happen. " Just break it like that and we win the game. You never know what you're going to have with us.

"We start (season) slowly, get extremely hot, it's a good dance club."