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"Jessica Jones": Season 3, Episode 7 – Wrestling Scene Explained

The following post contains spoilers for the last season of Jessica Jones from Marveluntil episode 7 included.

Jessica Jones from Marvel has never been one to back down from a fight. But in the third and final season of the drama, there was a Jessica confrontation should have moved away, according to the woman who represents her.

In Episode 7, titled "A.K.A The Double Half Wappinger", Jessica and her sister Trish Walker, who is a stranger, travel to Wappinger Falls, the small town where Big Bad this season was raised. Having reached a dead end at Hell's Kitchen, without any substantial evidence of being able to arrest Salinger for murder, Jessica and Trish head to her hometown, hoping to find some breadcrumbs that will lead to one of the first murders of Salinger.

Halfway through the slice, Jessica Is Find something and it's big: she discovers the body of Nathan Silva, a teenager who was part of the fight team with Salinger when they were both in high school. Nathan had been missing for decades, but Jessica finally found the boy's corpse buried under a gazebo in her parents' backyard. (The murder investigation is so simple when you can just lift a gazebo with your bare hands, right?)

Jessica Jones Season 3

Sick of their discovery, Jessica and Trish return to New York. Jessica tracks down Salinger in an intermediate school where he trains the fight. When Salinger sees her waiting in the hallway, he invites her to participate in her wrestling practice, then challenges her to a match against him in front of all her students, taunting her while telling her that she can not win a fight only if she uses her powers. Then, during the fight, Salinger accuses Jessica fairly quickly – but when she whispers, "Is this the hold you used to kill Nathan?", Salinger is stunned and Jessica takes advantage of her shock moment to throw him into the gym. Much to the delight of the students, Jessica gets a few more shots, finally knocking him off.

"They'll see who you are. They go all See you soon, "warns Jessica, who answers simply," Leave them alone. Postponed class. "

When she was asked about Jessica's victory in the final episode, star Krysten Ritter said that she "was struggling with this scene" because she was not disappointed. With the behavior of his character at the time.

"I did not really think Jessica would do that," Ritter admits. "And then once you get there, you say," OK, I understand what she's doing. " [But] she takes it too far. Jessica is fucked.

Indeed, Jessica's victory in the wrestling match has a negative effect, prompting Salinger to become even more ruthless in the episode that follows. But Ritter says she has come to understand Jessica's decision, as the character is still learning to become a real hero of season 3.

"She should not have done that. It was not the right decision to make, "she says. "And that's part of his superhero career: making mistakes, not knowing what to do."

The creator of the series, Melissa Rosenberg, shares the opinion of Ritter, explaining that it is the "classic Jessica" that allows the heroine to impulsively humiliate an enemy, regardless of the long-term consequences.

"It's part of the pleasure of watching her. She'll probably do the wrong thing, but there's something really satisfying about it, "shares Rosenberg. "[Salinger] control everything, and he did not [control] in this situation, and this triggers it. It makes things worse. But at that moment, she had this thing. "(With the stories of Scott Huver)

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