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Jessica Starr's husband talks about his suicide and his complications during a sight operation – History

– It's been over two months since Jessica Starr ended her life. For Jessica's family, the grieving process is just beginning.

Jessica ended her life on December 12, two months after undergoing surgery to correct her vision. Her husband, Dan Rose, says fighting for their very young children has been a long battle.

"I try to focus on our children.We have a child of 5 years and 3 years old who, of course, miss their mother and is afflicted.They try to understand what happened and where she She was here one day and she was away the next day, "said Dan. "We had conversations about Jessica being in heaven and not being with us anymore."

Dan says that's the most difficult thing he's done in his life.

Through a series of videos and a 30-page suicide note, Dan learns more about Jessica's last weeks.

"It's been exactly 3 weeks since I had my surgery – it's moving," said Jessica, in a video that Dan found on her phone.

Dan shares these videos and his messages now, because these are Jessica's emotions expressed in her own words.

"It's important to share them because everything I say – it's not as important as what Jessica says, something coming directly from Jessica is going to be more powerful than anything that comes from me or any member from his family, "said Dan.

Dan says that Jessica was his soulmate, the love of his life. But the Jessica in the videos is not the woman he loved for 17 years.

"Before the intervention, Jessica was completely normal and in very good health, there was no depression, no antidepressant, no underlying problem," he said. . "I want this to be absolutely clear." Jessica was incredibly normal – the fight against depression was not long – again, there was no antidepressant, he said. There was no abuse of alcohol, there was nothing. "

Dan said that he was grateful for the support offered by the viewers and that the Jessica Starr you saw on TV was the one he knew.

"I want to thank them for all their support, I know what people think about Jess, Jess had an amazing spirit and connection to people, she had the ability to walk into a room and communicate with people. "It's not something everyone has."

"I know that the viewers liked it because the person you saw on TV – that was Jessica in real life." Jessica was a normal girl. Honestly, she did not care at all about what " She was on TV, she told me every day "I'm not making a million dollars a year, I do not earn a million dollars a year." I put my pants on a leg at a time. "She had all those little jokes, she would say.

Dan is talking now, ten weeks after Jessica's suicide, to raise awareness of the side effects of eye surgery. On October 11, Jessica was operated on the ReLEx SMILE LASIK. She knew that something was wrong in the days and weeks following the operation and she went to multiple doctors to get their opinion.

"We were in our kitchen and I could tell that she was upset and that she had come home after having her 3rd or 4th seconds notice." I reached out under the front-and-back. arm and I grabbed her by the back of her elbows and I pulled her close to me.I looked into my eyes and told what was going wrong No, what's going on? What are you looking for? All these doctors are telling you the same thing – what are you trying to find? "

"She looked at me and she said Dan, it's as if my eyes and my brain were not communicating as before, I can not deal as before, I do not visualize things as before," Dan said.

Now he takes his story and Jessica's in public.

"We want to try to help someone.If we can save a life and at least inform someone, even a spouse – if a husband gets this procedure – I want the woman to watch for the signs "said Dan.

The National Institute of Health studied the procedure and found that the success rate of the operation was over 96%, which gave a 20/20 vision. That's what Jess hoped for.

In the notes and videos she left, Jessica was lucid and knew the decision she had made. She explained very clearly that what she was about to do was the result of her decision to be operated on.

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