Jet Airways employees flood Air India with job applications

By Ashoke RajNew Delhi, April 12 (ANI): Jet Airways crew members and flight attendants have applied for a new position at the national airline – Air India.

A few days ago, Air India announced the recruitment of crew members in its fleet.

Jet Airways, indebted and in debt, facing the worst period in 25 years, announced Friday the suspension of international flights until Monday, April 15 due to non-payment of unpaid bills to its donors.

An Air India spokesman said: "AI is looking for 1,200 crew members, and in the first phase following the written test, 514 crew members have been selected and the recruitment process is under way. " Sources at Air India also said: "About 150 crew members have applied for jobs at Jet Airways and most of the crew have been pre-screened, but their selection has not been finalized yet." Not only Jet Airways, sources told Air India, according to which candidates would also belong to Vistara. Crew members are looking for international routes that the airline has not yet started.

Air India faced a shortage of crews for its long-haul flights, particularly to New York and San Francisco. Air India currently has approximately 4,000 crew members. (ANI)

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