JetBot is the latest DIY robot from NVIDIA: Open Source, powered by Ubuntu, built around the nano Jetson


NVIDIA engineers have designed an open source robot that you can build yourself with parts that are essentially 3D printed and designed by default to run on Ubuntu Linux.

NVIDIA will not sell the Jetbot as a retail product, but you can build it yourself with the Jetbot Nano. NVIDIA will provide detailed instructions and parts lists on GitHub as well as all necessary software resources. NVIDIA sent a pre-built JetBot with the Jetson Nano test sample, which I had time to try briefly.

Jetson Nano runs Ubuntu 18.04 LTS because it uses the L4T reference image and other common software components. Once the JetBot has been configured to access your Wi-Fi network, you can access it from any web browser on your local area network (LAN) with a Web IDE including a terminal and a Python editor, and as detailed examples.

The code examples currently available for the JetBot include the ability to remotely drive the vehicle via the web browser with a joystick, the ability for JetBot to track an object using the recognition of the device. IA and avoidance with the AI. All code samples use Python 3.

I had only a short time to experience the JetBot, but it was very entertaining and it would definitely be a learning experience for users of all ages.

Those who want to know more about this robot can do it via GitHub. And if you missed it, check out our initial Jetson Nano baseline analysis / tests during the follow-up tests.

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