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Jets ready to trade their number 3 – ProFootballTalk

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Last year, the Jets traded up to the third choice. This year, they are ready to leave.

Via Rich Cimini of ESPN.com, Jets G.M. Mike Maccagnan made it clear on Wednesday that he was ready to give up the choice he had won, if the price was right.

"At the moment, we feel good at No. 3, but I would certainly say that if there was an opportunity to negotiate down, we would consider it absolutely," Maccagnan said.

The Jets went from No. 6 to No. 3 a year ago in an exchange with the Colts, and it is assumed that the team with which the Jets share a stadium – the Giants – would try to make a similar move this year.

"I think I would be open to any team that would," said Maccagnan, specifically questioned about a possible flip-flop with the Giants. "As long as trade seems logical to us, nothing prevents us from doing it."

The willingness to draft a potential franchise quartet fueled the move in 2018. Now that the Jets have Sam Darnold, they can do what the Colts did a year ago and place the pickup truck on sale.

"If there are teams looking to chase a quarter, I think we are pretty well placed," Maccagnan said. "I do not necessarily like the way we got the third choice, but it's a good choice to have."

Indeed, that's it. And indeed, it highlights the importance of losing games once a season. High choices have significant inherent value.

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