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Jim DeMint: ObamaCare is a mess – but many Dems prefer more radical ideas that would make things worse

Just a few years ago, President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats laid waste of billions of dollars in spending, taxes and government regulations, called the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as ObamaCare. .

The deployment was a disaster. The Obama team could not even design a functional website.

And this is just the descent from there.


Millions of Americans have lost health insurance plans that pleased them. Millions more have been deducted from government-controlled trade and so could not afford the "affordable" care promised.

And most people supposedly helped by ObamaCare did not have good insurance, but were stuck in a Medicaid program so dysfunctional that most doctors do not even accept it anymore.

But if you think this mess could reduce the Democrats' trust in their own government and government, think again.

Today, the major Liberals are no longer content with the politicians and bureaucrats who control most of the American health care system. They want Washington to take everything. The federal government's total takeover of the American medical industry was once the feverish dream of socialist extremists such as Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

But today, so-called "single payer" health insurance – including the elimination of all private health insurance – is the dominant position of the Democratic Party. This will be their platform during the 2020 presidential campaign and their plan as soon as they regain power.

Like most progressive slogans, so-called "single payer" health care looks good. But, as health care expert Chris Jacobs points out, in his new book, The Case Against Single Payer, the reality is worse than the topics.

Do not get me wrong: "single payer" health care refers to politicians and bureaucrats – not patients or their families, doctors, nurses, or other health care providers. In debates on ObamaCare, Democrats promised that their plan was a compromise that would separate health care governed by the government-controlled health care market.

In single payer health care, there is no difference to split. This means that the government pays doctors and hospital beds, tests, medication, everything, which means that it is the government, not your doctor or your doctor, that will trigger the decision.

Since there is no maximum limit to health services that people might want, policy makers in single-payer systems have to choose between bankruptcy or ration management. They start by raising taxes, but it's never enough. They always end up rationing care. What does it mean?

This means denying certain medications, surgeries, procedures and services to patients that the government deems unworthy of expenses.

In the case of single payer health care, you will pay more, not only for less health care, but also to be denied the care you need and can afford. You do not need to be an expert to know who this rationing will hurt the most: the very young, the very old and the disabled.

Each democratic version of single payer health care would include abortion on demand funded by the taxpayer. Indeed, they will go even further and will require pro-life doctors to practice abortions and other procedures contrary to their religious beliefs.

But single payer health care would not only be morally bankrupt; it would be a little old bankruptcy too!

America is already facing a national debt of 22 trillion dollars. Former chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee, Michael Mullen, called the debt a greater risk to national security.

Single payer health care is expected to cost a minimum of $ 32 trillion, only in the first 10 years of implementation. Such fiscal imprudence would not exceed the federal budget; it could drown our entire economy.

The left has an almost theological conviction about the government's ability to solve everyone's problems. But the history of socialized medicine – in Canada, in Britain and elsewhere – is that it causes more problems than it solves.

Democrats are right to say that health care in the United States is too expensive and bureaucratic, distorts our economy, and belittles the federal budget of waste and cronyism. But the proposed solution would only double these dysfunctions.


True health care reform requires putting aside politicians and bureaucrats. They did enough harm in the state. It's time to take away the power of Washington health care.

Politicians can not solve our health problems. They should hand over control of the system to patients, families, and health care providers who can.


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