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Jimmy Carter will teach Sunday at school after being fractured hip

Former President Jimmy Carter plans to teach Sunday school this weekend, just days after suffering a hip operation, a spokeswoman said Thursday.

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Carter, 94, was released Thursday morning from a Georgia hospital after undergoing a hip replacement. He plans to continue to recover at home in the rural plains, said Carter spokeswoman Deanna Congileo.

Carter's wife, Rosalynn Carter, returned home with her husband after being admitted to hospital on Wednesday for observation and testing after she "felt weak," said Congileo.

"The President and Ms. Carter thank the many people who have expressed their best wishes in recent days," said Congileo's statement.

Jimmy Carter had a broken hip on Monday while he was going on a turkey hunt. Congileo said he would follow a physical therapy as part of his recovery.

She added that Carter was also considering teaching his Sunday school class this weekend at the Marantha Baptist Church in Plains.

Carter became the longest-living president in US history in March, when his age exceeded that of former President George HW Bush, who died November 30 at age 94 years, 171 days.

Nearly four years have passed since Carter revealed that he had been diagnosed with cancer. Carter said in August 2015 that he had a melanoma that had spread to the liver and brain. He received treatment for seven months until the examinations showed no sign of the disease.

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